Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wanted to share my (C)Saturday with you

I know today isn't my day to blog, but I wrote this out and wanted to share how my Saturday was today. You can kill me later.
Today was originally set aside to do a home cleansing for two girls in our (mine and Pat's) cosmetology class. After some texts yesterday afternoon, they were both terribly sick and not feeling overly well. Home cleansing is to be rescheduled.

Pat got up with Bella and, after changing her dirty butt to a clean one, he brought her in the bed with us for some nice hanging out time. I love weekends for this reason. He brings in a Belladonna needing a bath wearing only Star Wars Clones pajama bottoms and no shirt. It was adorable.

We came out to the living room after a short time and put on Maggie and the Ferocious Beast (more like, Whiny Bitch). She had TWO bowls of Raisin Bran. Considering the amount she ate (or, rather, didn't eat) this past week, this is a huge accomplishment. I ate one as well. Pat mentioned that if our money hit the account, that we should just go out for breakfast or brunch. The words "shower" and "Tuesday" came from my mouth and it was decided that all three of us were going to cram in the shower and get clean. It was definitely a fun experience.

After we're all clean and Pat and I are dressed, my mother knocks on the door (she learned from when we were in Denver together the first time; mid-coitus and she didn't knock) and asks if we don't have anything planned, that she and her friend (they've known each other since they were 10; she's 51) are meeting up this afternoon at Mimi's Cafe for lunch and invited us along. Sweetness. I mentioned that I need to pick up some shoes (for school and a possible new, better paying job) at the Mills mall. She offered to take Bella for a bit so that we could do that and all of us would meet at Mimi's.

We spent just over $130 at Off Broadway Shoes for four pair of clearance shoes. There was an additional 10% discount on our purchase. Score. After that, Pat says that we can buy his games now (which is fine; I love watching him play) and spent $142 at Game Stop (two games, one strategy guide and membership cards for both of us). Then, it was lunch.

We still had some errands to run at Mills, so we went back. We proceeded to shop at Target, MasterCuts (I need silk drops), Sanrio, and Orange Julius. My mom dropped $160 at the Children's Place on stuff for Bella. Holy crowded store, Batman! Once home, we vegged. Bella decided she wanted to wear a pair of sunglasses and cute foam sandals we picked up at Children's Place, a spiffy hat from a kiosk (not really a kiosk, but there was a Native American guy there playing flutes and panpipes; sounded awesome) and a purse she really liked from Sanrio. So, she was walking around the house looking like how a Beverly Hills celeb wants to look when going for that "I just threw on whatever was clean" look. It was awesome on Bella.

(Jumping around a bit.) After Target, we walked over to Lens Crafters to wait for Mimi (my mom) and started trying on glasses frames. I will need some new glasses and am thinking about trying out different frames from what I have now. There are maybe a few possibles. I took Bella over to the kid's glasses and just put them on her face. She would keep them on long enough for Daddy to see and then take them off, saying, "Too big." It sounded like she kept saying "stupid." There were a couple that looked great on her (with Pat's genes and mine, the girl is destined to wear glasses).

Anyway, that was my day. The economy was properly stimulated.

"Everyone secretly hates the prettiest girl in the room." -Ani DiFranco
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