Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Girl card

I hereby reserve my right to use my official girl card at will.

I hereby undertake the following valid rules and regulations of the girl card (Appendix 1), to be personally responsible for all uses of said card. I also undertake informing this blog if I personally misuse or lose my girl card.

I reserve the right to be a progressive woman while carry said card. I promise to use the card sparingly and wisely.


What is a girl card you ask? My hope is that you will understand fully at the end of this post.

Ladies I have previously posted about waxing, shaving, and plucking. There are so many things that we do in our daily lives to be girly.

We get points on our girl card for the following:
*Moderate amounts of makeup
*Dressing in lady-like way
*Doing nice things for significant other
*painting nails and toe nails
*Being a great cook
*Wearing dresses and skirts
*Fixing our hair pretty

We lose girl card points for the following:
*Never shaving
*Wearing boxy clothing or men's clothes
*Wearing too much makeup

What is the girl card used for? The girl card is thrown into the ring when there is a task to be done that we don't want to do.

This week I am using my girl card. It was hot outside the other day so we turn on the air conditioner. My husband figured out that our AC was blowing hot air. He called our maintenance guy. A large toothed animal had chewed through the wiring in the side yard. The animal was fried. The girl card was used so that I would not have to dispose of fried critter.

Does using the girl card mean that I am anti-feminist? No. I am perfectly capable of cleaning up the dead animal. I would if my husband was not around. I just don't want to.

How do you use your girl card?


cleanaturalady said...

When the van is out of gas.

ErikaRobin said...

LOVE IT! I fear I may be losing points on my girl card. Time to take a weed whacker to my legs, I think. Thanks for the tips, Rebecca!

Fistandantalus said...

I don't think I qualify for a "Girl Card", Rebecca. I rarely wear skirts or dresses, never heels, rarely wear makeup, I shave once every three or four months and I'm the designated Tackler Of All Grodalicious Tasks. In exchange for doing the nasty around here, I get to rule those ten square feet of BED.

Joyce said...

After a big snowstorm when the snow has buried my car. Unfortunately I think girl card is defective because it sounds a bit whiny to me.