Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What do you do?

There are two sick babies in my [parent's] home. One, is my youngest, my daughter. She hasn't thrown up in the last couple of days, which is very good. She's still very much a cuddle bug, though. She's not normally a cuddle bug unless she's not feeling well. Currently, she's watching Dora the Explorer and the Silly Fiesta.

The other sick baby is my dearest, my husband. He's had a fever off and on the last couple of days. He's currently resting. He's supposed to do some Shake 'n' Bake chork pops tonight, but, if he's not feeling well, I have no problem making it instead.

I was offered a job [via telephone message] yesterday. It's full-time, admin work (which is what I've been wanting to do since we got to Denver) and it's quite close to where school and home are. Thing is, it's that, with it being full-time, I have to change up my school schedule. I'm going days currently and working nights (yay for nights off during the week!). If this job works out, I'll do the regular 8-4/9-5 work-day and then be at school from 5-10. This job also starts April 1st, a Wednesday. My school schedule has me going out on the salon floor starting March 30th, so I won't be in the classroom much longer. Yay!

I'm waiting on my federal tax refund, as well as some school money (might help if I actually go to the website, huh?). If anything, my school money should be in my bank account within a week of me verifying my enrollment. Woot. All to wait for after that, is my federal return.

That's it for this Ninja.

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