Sunday, March 21, 2010

False Idols

You know, it's an odd thing when you find out both sides to the same story. You keep thinking the side you've been around your entire life is so truthful when, in fact, she pretended to be a Vulcan or Minbari and omit information.

For the majority of my life, I've been lead to believe that my father has been very irresponsible and never wanted to keep me when my parents divorced. Come to find out, he was pretty much forced to give me up for adoption when my mom divorced him.

She had the bright idea of sending him the paperwork while he was away in Korea (both of them were in Air Force then), she was fucking around on him.. in their bed!

Turns out my dad was an innocent bystander in everything. Yeah, he was young but he loved me. My mother has even admitted to tricking him into giving me up for adoption. I'm not sure if she feels bad about it. I wish I would have had the choice of who I wanted to live with, once I was of age.

It's amazing the things that come to light when you're older.