Sunday, March 29, 2009

And The Truth Shall Set You Free (Even Though You Smell Like Pee)!

Fade in: My living room. Picture me cuddling with my seven year old and my nine year old daughters. Enter husband, wearing serious face.

"Honey, you'll want to come see this."
Me: *sigh*

I followed him to the kitchen, where my husband, soul-mate, sugar daddy said, "That's pee on the floor," as he made a grand, sweeping gesture with his hand. Yes, indeedily, it certainly was pee, and a good portion of the kitchen floor and a step-stool were covered with it. The dog hasn't hosed down a room like that in some time and quite frankly, the husband hasn't either. I knew who the culprit was by the fact that the dog wasn't the only pantless one in the kitchen. I looked at the guilty three-year-old Samantha and said, "Sam, did you pee on the floor?"

She said, "Yes, but I said I was sorry."

This surprised me (marking her territory on the linoleum, not her apology) and I asked her why she would do that. Sam looked up from cleaning her mess like a miniature Cinderella and said, "Well, I had to GO."

...Um...Yeah. Okay, that served me right for asking a three-year-old to explain herself.

Fast forward five minutes.

Back to the kitchen to refill my water. Seeing the monster of a dog, I give him a pat on the head as I pass. His head is damp. Wha...? *double take* "How did your head get...Oh, no." I smelled his furry melon and sure enough, that unmistakeable odor reached my nose. Lovely. Just lovely.

"SAM?!" *walks quickly to the living room where Sam sits watching t.v. with her sisters*
"Why is Brinkley's head wet?"
"He got it wet," said Sam.
"Yes, I know, but HOW did he get it wet, Samantha?"
Child makes up story quicker than you can blink..."He put his head in his water bowl."
I said, "No, his head is wet on TOP. How did that happen?"
Oldest sister Madison pipes up, "Sam, if you tell the truth you won't get in trouble." (Yes! Good thinking, Madison. That's how we'll get it out of her! I was just about to get the folding chair, rubber hose and a VERY bright light.)
Sam confesses. "Yes, I pee-peed on the doggy's head." (Mommy hides behind a pillow, giggling silently, thinking "Remember, you're her mother. Laugh later.")
"WHY did you pee on the dog's head?"
Sam, very matter-of-fact, shrugs her shoulders, explaining, "Because it was kinda FUNNY."
Note: Sam has apologized to the dog and promised not to pee on anyone ever again. Madison and I have recovered from our fits of laughter out of Sam's earshot and the floor and dog are once again, clean and pee-free.

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ServinGsus said...

Oh, WOW! That's NUTS!!! I haven't had that one happen yet. I have had DS pee in the corner and received the explanation that it's where the puppy pees, too. Glad to know your weekend wasn't boring ;) P.S. When you comin' to B'ham???

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ServinGsus said...

Hey Erika ... FYI: I changed my blog URL and wanted to let you know that Fields of Grace formerly at is now Graceful Abandon at Not sure if it updates a change when you follow a blog, so there you have it! Have a great weekend =)