Monday, March 30, 2009

Fake it until you feel it.

I love being an actress. I don't get to do it often because I am a mom. I hope to get back into my passion when my son starts kindergarten next year.

I was thinking about this today when I started thinking about how actors sometimes become their rolls until the play/movie is over. How does this apply to us? Lets start immersing ourselves in faking sexy, confident, and healthy ladies!

● Talk to yourself Do you ever wonder what others say behind your back? Forget about it. What do you say about yourself? Are you always putting yourself down? Do you look in the mirror and think "Pfft"? Start stopping negative self talk and love yourself. This task is one of the hardest to do because it is internal. Just yell to yourself "STOP" when you find yourself doing this. Then find something positive you can say about you.

● Lose the loser. Folding your arms, slouching, or gnawing on your cuticles is a great way of telling yourself that you are not happy. It sends a negative message to others too. This makes friendships harder to attract. Our friends help fulfill us.

● Poised Stance. Projecting confidence with your body will make people respond to you more positively, boosting your self-assurance. Head up and shoulders back is the pose that is most attractive to others and makes you feel better.

● Dress the part. You may think your fat jeans make you feel better when you’re feeling blah, but you’re actually perpetuating that“I’m a whale” mind-set every time you slip them on. That means trade the ugly weekend wear for cute body-hugging threads that make you like what you see in the mirror. I don't mean to wear something that makes you feel bad about yourself in the opposite way either. I mean something that is attractive on you but doesn't look like you put no thought into your wardrobe.

● Sexy down under. Your underwear is the key to confidence. So ditch the granny panties, and make your “special occasion” undies part of your everyday wardrobe. This also includes shaving those legs and armpits. When you are sexy down under you exude it to your spouse. That boosts your sex life which then in turn ups your life span and your confidence.

● Pretend you are a pro at exercising Don't act like you hate to go to the gym. Pretend you love it. One day you will love it!


cleanaturalady said...

Negative self talk is never productive. Good advice.

ErikaRobin said...

OMG, I just started doing this! If I think of myself as a pro at exercising I tend to jump around a lot more. Good words, Rebecca! I am listening to them.

ServinGsus said...

Thanks, this was great! I was actually talking about this earlier today when someone asked me why I was putting on makeup ... I just wanted to feel human and good about myself, even if all I was doing was vacuuming and dusting. I do need to get back to the exercising daily bit ... I had much more energy and loved myself when I was doing it.