Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stupidity Hurts.

I am sick of stupid people. Truly. There are many types of stupid people.
  • Lazy - Too lazy to care about whether or not what they're doing is smart or safe
  • In Denial - Refuse to believe that they are wrong, even when presented with facts
  • Ostrich - If they don't look at the evidence that they're wrong, said evidence doesn't exist.
  • Misinformed - They "heard" that what they're doing is right from "Someone".
  • Misguided - They're lead to believe they're doing the right thing, despite the evidence.
  • Too Smart To Research - They're right because they are smarter than the scientists.
  • Rule Breakers - They know the facts, but do their own thing, because they don't care.
  • Not A Student! - They refuse correction, because "This isn't school! I'm not getting graded!"
Of course, there are other categories, but these particular stupids have gotten on my nerves today. I don't know why the Stupid is bothering me today more than usual, but some Stupid is down right dangerous! Of course, because I'm anti-stupid, I'm apparently judgemental. Of course, that makes sense - the easiest way to deflect a question about something you're doing wrong is to cry "She's judging me! You're just being judgemental!" When in reality I'm usually questioning a poor choice, or inquiring if they fully understand the ramifications of making that choice. I'm not doing it to be spiteful, or hurtful. I'm not calling that person a bad parent (even though I've come across many!) or telling them how to raise their child.

There are three categories of Stupid that anger me more than the others - The Ostrich, The Denial, and The Too Smart To Research Stupids. These, I believe have the most potential to do harm.

If I say "There's a Tornado coming!" The Ostrich will refuse to look at the window, and go do something else, The Denial will say "No way! That's just a freight train." and the TSTR will say "You're from New England, you've never seen a tornado before, there is no way you'd know what a tornado was if it hit you!" Well, we can imagine how well those scenarios will end. I'll be waiting in the basement, thanks. I had so much fun with that, let's see what the Other Stupids will say!

Lazy Larry will say "Yeah, so?", and kick up his feet in the recliner. Missy Misinformed will announce "Someone said that this area never gets hit by tornadoes, so we're safe!" Mindy Misguided will say "It's okay if we stay up here, I've never had to go to the basement for a storm before." Robby Rule Breaker will go outside with his video camera, never to be seen again... and Nancy Not A Student will say "Yeah, since when are you a scientist?!" Like I said before... I'll be in the basement.

See how dangerous stupidity can be?


ErikaRobin said...

*laughing my butt off here*
That was priceless! Make room for me in the basement with YOU! :)

Rebeccalynn_dj said...

Haha. True.

cleanaturalady said...

Sorry the Stupids have been out to get you today. I feel your pain.

ServinGsus said...

If only stupidity were painful!!! I've often wished that the world could wear those little collars that buzz when a remote is clicked (you know, the ones they use to train dogs not to bark?) and that we could buzz people during stupid flashes. Maybe then, maybe then...