Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Bare Necessities

Howard is getting old.

He has been with us for a very long time. The years have not been easy but he wears the tattoos life has marked him with proudly. He has a scar on his right leg where he was bitten by a dog, long ago, and he leans because of a stitch in his side acquired some years later. It looks odd, but he never complains. It just isn’t in him.

Howard is unique.

He doesn’t eat (the Peanut Butter Incident swore him off food for good) and he no longer drinks (even water goes right through him). In fact, he doesn’t do much of anything, but he never says boo about it.

Howard is a friend.

He makes no demands, but gives constant comfort. He stays close by when someone is ill, just in case he is needed. He is a keeper of secrets and a winsome companion. In fact, he would travel to the ends of the earth, by any means necessary, if someone required his company.

A gentle hug is all it takes to bring sweet dreams. You might not ever even notice when he’s there, but someone invariably notices when he is NOT.

Howard’s endurance amazes me. He is still going strong after all this time. I think it is safe to say:

Teddy bears live longer in captivity.


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I did not see the ending coming. That was great.

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cleanaturalady said...

We have Teddy, who has been with us for almost 13 years now.