Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Writing on the Wall…

I’m writing this in the event that I am discovered by another of my kind.

I must warn you now: Flee. Do everything in your power to leave now. I fear you will be finding my dried up remains on the windowsill. I have tried to escape repeatedly, but there seems to be no opening. After many attempts to penetrate the transparent barricade I have finally given up. My entire body hurts.

In the short time I’ve been trapped here I’ve seen and heard such disturbing things:

The Tall Man sits in the next room howling at the flashing rectangular box and then walks by every fifteen minutes and says things to the Woman that make absolutely no sense. Why, just moments ago he passed by her and said, “Smells like teen spirit!”
What does that even mean?!

The Tall Man and the Woman have three pupae developing here as well. I believe the humans refer to their offspring as “kids”. These Kids run through the house as if they were being pursued by one of their very large animals. They tear screaming past me and then stop suddenly to listen to the Tall Man’s bellowing. As soon as Tall Man leaves to redirect his yelling toward that bright rectangular thing in the living room, the Kids take their game (“tag”, they called it) upstairs, where they cause the walls to shake and the chandelier in this room to flicker. Good heavens.

Even the Woman, who has a decent voice, is a bit on the odd side. She has not left the smaller rectangular screen in the “office” in simply AGES. I hear her humming and singing little ditties to herself. The songs are beautiful, really, but strange…something about a “love boat”. Now what on earth do you suppose that is?

The smallest Pupa has just run into the “office” to yell information at the Woman. “If you go to sleep for NINE YEARS then Santa Claus will climb up a chimney and leave toys in your socks!”

That settles it. The humans who live here are insane. Authorities should really be notified. After I rest a while, I will make another go of my escape.


I’m feeling a bit better now. I might be able to find a point closer to the window just in case the force field has been lifted. I really must get back to the outside world.


It’s me again. The Large Feline spotted me and gave chase. I somehow managed to escape, but my left wing was damaged in the process. Large Feline knocked over a plant in her attempt to devour me and now it will not stop looking at me. That blasted Feline gives me the heebie-jeebies.

And what’s this? It seems that the Woman is searching for something. Ah, a newspaper circular. Perhaps she will use it to thwart the Large Feline’s next attempt to murder me.

I fear that Large Feline has given away my location to the Woman. She is approaching with the newspaper held above her head. What can I do?! I no longer have the strength to fly. Perhaps if I sit very still, she will not see me. Alas, I am overwhelmed by this sense of impending doom. I don’t think the Woman is very nice after all. I think she – hey, what’s that say? “Now thru Thursday, Milk $2.69 per ga-

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Moonrush said...

Well-written, my friend! Way to go! I'm going to start referring my kids a pupae, now.

By the way, milk near me is $2.49, so nya-nya!