Thursday, December 25, 2008

Pass the Christmas Roles.

The tree is lit, and presents are piling up as hubby and I enjoy one more year of Santahood. This year, however, there is another Helper Elf joining the ranks. Our oldest daughter Madison had the Christmas Torch passed to her when she learned the “truth” about Santa Claus earlier this week. Now her role has shifted and she helps us set the stage of Christmas Wonder for her little sisters. She gets to have cookies and milk WAY past her bedtime and help Daddy put the flour boot-print on the carpet by the tree while I type a letter from St. Nick on the computer.

We’ve really gone all out with our Santa folly. The fact that she’s thrilled to be in on the Big Secret tickles me to no end. She’ll have an easy time keeping the magic alive for her sisters…at least until the first really big fight causes the secret to “accidentally” escape.

I thought that this would be a bittersweet holiday because Madison finally questioned the existence of Mr. C., but that’s not how it feels at all. It feels wonderful, believe it or not. She is now a part of creating the enchantment and somehow that makes this Christmas feel so special.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

Even the dog is full of the Christmas Spirit. Unfortunately, THAT leaves a horrible stench in the room and a pathetic look on his face.

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Guinhyvar said...

Happy Christmas, Erika, my friend.