Friday, December 26, 2008

Turning Left

The main highway that goes through one of the little towns I live by is a two-lane street. It is also the only way to get through town. There is one stoplight. From 6-9 in the morning and 3-6 in the evening, it is impossible to make a left turn out onto the street. Am I taking the dog to the vet? Need to return a book to the library? Forgot to take something out for dinner this morning, so I have to stop by the grocery store? Well, then I am not going to get home by turning left out of the parking lot. It is like watching a tennis match. I am constantly looking left and right to find the smallest possible gap I might be able to pull out. The speed limit is only 35 mph, how hard can it be?
It seems like a ridiculous thing to get upset about. However, when I have been sitting in the lot of the vet’s office for ten minutes trying to go home, I get pissed. Most of the time, I give up, turn right and wait for a gap so I can pull into another parking lot on the left. Then, I can come back out of that parking lot and turn right to go home.
My reasoning of not doing certain things at certain times of the day confuses the kids sometimes.
“Hey mom, can we go to McDonald’s for dinner tonight?”
“How come?”
“Because I have to turn left.”
They look at each other, roll their eyes and I can hear them whispering about how I have lost it as they walk down the hall.
It is time to get an oil change in the truck. I call to make an appointment.
“How about 4:30 Ma’am? Will this work?”
“Is that the only time you have?”
“On Thursday, yes Ma’am.”
“Nah, I have to turn left. What do you have on Friday?”
“Well, we have a 1 o’clock on Friday.”
“Perfect. I’ll take it.”

My revenge for having to deal with turning left on a busy street in which no one can bother to ever be nice for once and just let you in? When I am driving, and I see someone trying to turn left out of a parking lot, if there is gap in the oncoming traffic, I stop and let them out. If I am feeling extra annoyed, I will even let the person out behind them too.
*honk honk*


ErikaRobin said...

Awesome! I like your response to the kids' request for fast food and your revenge is hilarious. And think how much it's appreciated by those two cars you let out! Rock on, ninja.

cleanaturalady said...

That is funny. My sister actually maps out her errands so that she will never have to make a left hand turn.

RanaAurora said...

Heehee. I've had a conversation with the hubby that went the same way.
"Why are you driving through all these parking lots?"
"To get to the light."
"But the road is just RIGHT there."
"Yes, but I have to turn left."