Friday, January 9, 2009


I am not sure that I have anything to blog about. My week has been a combination of interesting and fairly boring. My son keeps calling my oldest brother grandpa, so on Wednesday we went visiting. My other brother is here visiting from California, so it was very entertaining with 5 'boys' in the house. I say boys, because I am not sure either of my brothers are very mature when they are together. Then there of course is my husband who can be immature with the rest of them and my two boys who of course are supposed to be immature. I sometimes wonder if I am the only one with any maturity. It is always entertaining in any event.

Family. My father recently passed and now there is the task of going through all his stuff. It all has to be inventoried and then kept for 6 months before anything can be done with it. That would be the lovely state law here. There is stuff of value and then there is the stuff that we don't even know what to begin to do with. I have the feeling this is all going to take a while.

I am ready for the weather to decide what it is doing. It was 64 this afternoon and now it is 33. That was a 30 degree drop in about 5 hours period. The temp dropped 10 degrees while we were eating dinner. We may get snow on Tuesday. That is typical weather for around here. To add tot he almost freezing temps we have 35 MPH winds. That is also normal for around here. When it isn't windy you wonder what is wrong.

Over all things are pretty quiet here. Which is actually nice for the moment. I know they will be crazy in a month with the new baby and all. I am enjoying the relative calm before the storm for now.

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cleanaturalady said...

Our weather here in Texas routinely drops 40 or more degrees in a matter of hours. It was 76 last night and in the 30's today. Gotta love it.