Monday, January 12, 2009

Epitome of Murphy's Law

Everyone has their moments in which they fall victim to Murphy’s Law. If something can go wrong, it will go wrong. Well, I think my share of this is a bit more than necessary. We refinanced our house a few months ago. The loan slated to close by the end of November. I receive a phone call from the loan officer after Thanksgiving explaining that a few of the wires sent out had gone to the wrong place. Our money was on the way to a bank somewhere in Wyoming. Out of 1400 wires sent out, only twenty, one of which was ours, went to the wrong place.
The most recent snowstorm blanketed us with almost fourteen inches. We were ready for it. The world was white and beautiful and the kids went sledding everyday. The weather warmed and it started to rain and melt the snow. Well, everyone else’s snow was melting. We are partially rural and live in the woods. Our driveway is 500 feet long. On one side is a culvert, the other is a ravine about thirty feet down. After three days cooped in the house, I was going crazy. Luckily, I had a Doctor’s appointment (lucky to have a Doctor’s appointment? *rolls eyes*) and tried to leave the house. It had froze the night before and now our driveway was nothing but ice. I did not want to put my car in the culvert. The trees would prevent me from falling all the way down the ravine, but I like my car the way it is without dents. I had heard a rumor from the neighbor that the snow was gone. Defeated, I look out my window, which shows the world still white.
The next day, determined to leave the house, I slip and slide my way out of the driveway. It was a little hairy, but I made it. When I emerged from the dirt road, what do I see? Not one clump of snow anywhere! People are driving their cars and the mobility of mankind is back to normal. I run to the store for a few things ($100 later), grab a chai and go back home. I slip and slide my way back down the driveway and return to the winter wonderland that is our yard.
When I buy something that requires assembling, the pieces are always missing. Picking up a birthday cake from the store, they lost the slip and did not make it. Take the car in for an oil change, they did not schedule the appointment. Get new tires, two days later the wheel falls off while driving down the road. Out to eat at a restaurant, they forget to make my dinner.
Here is a good one. My dog had to have his knee rebuilt. Three weeks after surgery, he is still not walking on his leg. I take him back to the vet for x-rays and they find the kneecap had come back out. He needed surgery AGAIN to have a tendon repaired. What? They couldn’t do that the first time around?
I could keep going.
Most of the time, I take it in stride. I have come to accept that normal rules do not apply to me and try to think of it as an extra helping of ‘ha ha’ in my life. I am a good friend to have. Think of it this way. If we are chased by a bear in the woods, no worries for you because I will be the one to get eaten.


Guinhyvar said...

Chased by a bear? Dude, I would stay and help you out. At the very least get eaten with you. Now, if it were Bigfoot... sorry toots, you're on your own :)

I tore my pinky nail half off moving clothes from one hamper to another. Who does that? It hurts.

I think you're a phenomenal friend (I hope I spelled that right). And I am damn glad to know you.

cleanaturalady said...

I am glad you are able to take it all in stride.

Rebeccalynn_dj said...

Murphy's law is the pits!

RanaAurora said...

Jo, this is your fault.
We planned ahead to get together tomorrow, and Rowan wakes up with a cold and a fever. Thanks, Murphy's Law.

Nehalennia said...

See, I told you.