Friday, April 3, 2009

You Can Let Go, Now... It Won't Fall Off

"Let go of that!" "Get your hands out of there!" "Hand out of Diaper, Connor... it won't fall off!"

The joys of parenting a toddler boy! Connor realized his penis was fun to play with a few weeks ago. During baths and diaper changes he yanks, contorts and squishes it in a manner that makes even ME cringe.

It is healthy self discovery, it is normal... it is annoying. He walks around like a miniature Al Bundy, with his juice cup (80% water, 20% organic, HFC free juice) in one hand, and the other hand tucked wrist deep into his diaper. Sometimes he changes it up, and sticks his hand down the back of his diaper, leading to a plumber's crack experience. Yse, Connor has a cute bum. The world does not need to see it!

I don't want to create any major hangups in his future sex life, so I've been trying to ignore the behavior or say something like "We don't do that in the living room" or something. That's not working. My friend Erin's 5 year old sits in front of the tv and fondles himself every time that he thinks that Erin isn't looking. I don't want Connor to be like that.

Gerber makes 24 month and 3t onesies. I am thrilled to bits! However, they're hard to find. I read a suggestion of overalls, but that idea went out the window with the photographic proof that my brother worked both of his arms into his overalls in order to walk around with his hands on his prize.

Does anyone have a suggestion?


cleanaturalady said...

Onesies are a great idea. I had one son that I had to diaper pin into a onesie every night or he would completely disrobe and do his business all over the bed. He learned how to unsnap the onesie, so I diaper pinned him in.

cleanaturalady said...

Oh, and I feel no shame as a mom for doing that. He would not quit on his own.

ServinGsus said...

I was all about the onesies for that reason and the one that cleanaturalady gave ... I got mine at WalMart and KMart! (oh, and E-bay). Good luck =)