Monday, April 6, 2009

Ceiling fans and water.

It is amazing what will entertain, captivate and enthral a child. All three of my children have been entertained by a ceiling fan. Plop the kid down where he or she can watch is spin and you might actually get 5 minutes of time to yourself. If the child is not fussy when you put them down you might get 20 minutes to get something done. It is amazing how something so simple as a spinning blade can captivate a baby. Yeah mommy can pee in peace, or change another child's diaper, or move the laundry along, something that might otherwise get put off a little bit longer, but doesn't take very long to do.

Water is the other thing that can thoroughly entertain a child. The sound of it, the feel of it, the mess it can make. Again all three of my children love water. From a very young age. I am talking about a couple of days old my kids have loved water. It started with baths and moved to the pool for the older two. We will take the baby swimming for the first time hopefully tomorrow. Hopefully she will love it too.

Today I had to go mop up the bathroom, because the three year old overfilled the sink. I think all bathrooms should be designed with a drain in the middle of the floor and tile the whole thing so that it won't be a huge issue when they get flooded as mine invariably does. At least he isn't playing in the cat box.

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